OnStage Playhouse Believes in Equality

OnStage Playhouse recognizes that low-income communities, and especially communities of color, are often most affected by large-scale crises like pandemics. If we, as a vital part of the Chula Vista and the South Bay community, are to contribute to a more fair and just world, we need to amplify the voices, ideas, and solutions of people from the most vulnerable communities.


To do this successfully, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice must be core values of our organization.


The mission of OnStage Playhouse is to provide audiences with engaging yet challenging, thought-provoking theater that also informs us about diverse cultures and demonstrates how theater, by examining and sharing the experiences of people with diverse backgrounds can lead to solutions and change. However, many of the sectors that our work touches have historically excluded marginalized groups, particularly people of color.


As part of our commitment to being a thought leader in the theater world and the social justice movement, we also commit to advancing racial justice in our work.

OnStage Playhouse strives to create more accepting and diverse entertainment for all people across race, class, gender, geography, and other differences. To do this OnStage Playhouse seeks to:


● Attract and retain actors, directors, producers, board members, and business partners from diverse backgrounds.

● Create and maintain an inclusive space at our theater.

● Produce more works by playwrights of color.

● Guide our producers to consider inclusivity at every step of the creative process, from casting decisions, to the language of the marketing material we use.


We acknowledge that incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our practices is an ongoing learning process. We consider this document subject to change, and we welcome and encourage feedback.


OnStage Board and Staff




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Chula Vista, CA