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OUR 2012-13 SEASON
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Our season is from July to June. We hold an annual banquet with awards in August.


It's 1250 AD, the Dark Ages. All seems lost for the local monastery in Priseaux, France. No miracles in years, and a rival church claims to possess the relics of Ste. Foy. Then, a larcenous minstrel comes up with a plan that will restore the abbey to its former glory.
"A farcical romp, scintillating and irreverent." —Philadelphia Weekly

The Lion in Winter

His three sons want to succeed King Henry II of England.
His wife, Eleanor of Aquitane, favors the eldest, Richard. He favors the youngest, John.
Middle son Geoffrey hopes to play both ends against each other.
Uneasy is the head on which the crown lies.
"A work of intelligence, astringent wit, and much theatrical skill." - The NY Times

Sugar Witch
A Halloween treat! The Bean family in Sugar Bean, Florida live under a curse. The surviving family members have reached the end of their rope, then tragedy strikes. Annabelle, the last in a long line of so-called "Sugar Witches", attempts to end the curse. Meanwhile, the spirits of the dead walk the dark swamp, haunting the hearts of the living.
  Auditions: August 19 & 20, 2012.

Noted American playwright Jon Jory has selected OnStage Playhouse to premiere his latest play. This is his adaptation of Jane Austen's final and most romantic novel. It is the story of Anne, who was persuaded not to marry the man she loved, a soldier beneath her station. But now he is a Captain, and re-enters her life still hurting from her rejection.

Charley's Aunt
It is 1892. Charley loves Amy. Jack loves Kitty. They want to propose, but the girls are leaving for Scotland tomorrow. Fortunately Charley's Aunt, who he has never met, is due to arrive and can serve as the girls' chaperone. When she doesn't arrive, they enlist their Oxford mate Babbs to masquerade as the dear old lady. Then the real aunt, a stunning heiress, arrives. Confusion reigns.

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
A boating accident. David's wife Gillian drowns. He feels responsible. Two years later, he is not only still grieving, he walks and talks with Gillian on the beach at night. His teenage daughter needs the attention her father is spending on his lost wife. Gillian's sister and her husband visit, bringing a woman they think David will like. Will David come back to "life"?

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Six adolescent outsiders (played by adults) vie for the spelling championship. They are overseen by grown-ups who barely managed to escape childhood themselves. This is an original musical comedy with a quirky yet charming cast. It debuted on Broadway in 2005 and won two Tony awards.
"The word for it is 'W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l'" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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